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The word money transfer is commonly used to refer to bank transfers. The term may differ depending on players' location. However, the procedure is nearly always the same in every case. The betting account provides users with their bank account information. Punters then use these details to deposit funds directly into their accounts.

The opposite is true when making a withdrawal. Money transfers are completed either inside a single financial institution or across numerous platforms. There is usually no intervention of bank personnel. The most prevalent rationale for using wire transfers at eSports betting accounts is that they are safer because they are sent directly from one bank account to another.

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How to make a deposit using Money Transfer

How to make a deposit using Money Transfer

One of the simplest ways for gamers to make wire payments from any bank is through a transaction from their local branch. Players can also do so over the phone. However, the most common method is to make a direct bank transfer from their online bank account.

Players should select "deposit" from the cashier portion of their online betting account. One should fill in the requested banking information and the amount they would like to transfer. The betting account may impose a minimum deposit requirement.

Finally, players need to perform any security checks that the bank requires. After confirmation, the player will only have to wait for the funds to arrive and then begin playing. It is possible that this will take a few working days.

Direct deposit with Money Transfer

Players can either download an app or play on a web-based version to make direct deposits with money transfers. These are the most convenient options. Utilizing online banking services, especially banking apps, will ensure that bank wire transactions are completed in seconds.

Fees for transfers vary per bank depending on the amount being transferred. There are no deposit or withdrawal limits with online bank transfers. Some online eSports betting sites, however, have various limitations on how much money players can deposit and withdraw using online bank transfers.

How to make a deposit using Money Transfer
How to make a withdraw with Money Transfer

How to make a withdraw with Money Transfer

It is not difficult to withdraw money from an eSports betting account. All a player has to do is make sure they are following all of the gambling site's rules. These may include the minimum amount required to keep the betting account active and the maximum amount.

Players need to log into their bookmaker's account and select "withdrawal" from the cashier portion of the betting account. Then, one should choose wire transfer as the mode of withdrawal and enter the amount to withdraw. There may be a prompt for the player to select the specific bank into which they wish to withdraw their winnings. Click the Withdraw button after confirming the amount. The betting account notifies the customer after processing the transaction, and one has to wait for some days to get the money in the bank account.

Withdrawal limitations are not common with money transfers. Players can take their winnings out at any moment, even on their phones. However, depending on the amount involved, processing times may vary. Withdrawals could take anywhere between three and seven days. If the betting account has problems verifying the player's account or determining their ability to withdraw, it could take up to a week or even two weeks.

How to make a withdraw with Money Transfer
Pros and Cons with Money Transfer

Pros and Cons with Money Transfer


  • Transaction fees are incredibly minimal
  • There is no need to open any more accounts
  • There is a high level of security and data protection in place
  • Wire transfers are accepted by the majority of online betting accounts
  • It's quite easy to use. It does not require credit checks or personal information from players
  • The key advantage is that wire transfers can be used by anyone to make payments


  • Some financial institutions refuse to accept the payment option of eSports betting accounts
  • It isn't the quickest way to make an online payment
  • Some players may prefer not to use their bank accounts to play games
  • A bank account is required for all players
  • Some banks may question direct transfers and put the player's account on hold until the customer care representative speaks with the user
Pros and Cons with Money Transfer
Money Transfer account opening process

Money Transfer account opening process

Because wire transfers are made directly between banks and bank accounts, they are safeguarded by the security systems. Banks use some of the most advanced and stringent encryptions to ensure that their money and that of their clients stays safe.

How to set up an account

To open an account, the player must go to the bank with their identity document. It can usually be done in a matter of minutes, and the player can use it at online betting platforms. The gambler must then link their bank account to the online betting account of their choice after registering. The procedure is usually quick and can be completed on a computer or on a mobile phone.

Using the payment option without a bank account is not possible. Users must be of legal age to obtain the necessary identity documents needed by the bank. Having a money transfer account comes with a few drawbacks. Most banks demand users to be active for a specific amount of time. Players' accounts may be deleted if they remain inactive for an extended period of time. To get their money back, they'll have to go to the bank or call customer service.

Money Transfer account opening process
Money Transfer customer support options

Money Transfer customer support options

Customers are highly valued by most banks' customer service departments. It is simple for players to contact either the bank or the betting account. In the event of a missed deposit, the player should first call the betting account to see if they received the funds. If they didn't, the gamer would need to get in touch with their bank for more information. Withdrawals may also be held if the bank wishes to verify the player's identification. The majority of tasks can be completed without having to visit the bank.

Each bank has its own contact. But the player should look for the following:

  • The website's FAQ
  • Social media pages
  • Support email
  • Call numbers
  • Live chat
Money Transfer customer support options
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