Choosing the Ideal Esports Betting Bonus: A Guide

The growing popularity of eSports games has seen bookies employ different strategies to keep players motivated. The use of bonuses has undoubtedly been integral in eSports marketing. As the online gaming industry gets fiercely competitive, it remains clear that eSports players stand even better chances of getting the best bonuses.

Online bonuses are not created equal. For players to get a real edge over the casino, they are encouraged to look for the best bonuses. Scouting for the perfect eSports bonus takes more than looking at the bonus amount. A variety of factors, key among them being wagering requirements, go a long way in choosing the right bonus.

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What makes a good esports bonus?

Some esports players, predominantly new ones, might be tempted to grab as many bonuses as possible with the hope of stretching their bankroll. Unfortunately, not all bonuses are worth taking. Here are a few things to consider while assessing whether a bonus is worth taking or not:

Bonus Size

The bonus amount is probably the first thing any player looking for a bonus looks at. Ideally, substantial eSports bonuses usually offer players the maximum value for their money. However, size alone cannot be used as a determining factor; players should also be keen on a host of other factors, including the amount needed to activate the bonus.

Wagering Requirements

While the bonus size usually comes first, it is certainly not the only factor to consider. Most bonuses offered by eSports betting sites typically have their wagering requirements ranging from 1 to 20X. What are wagering requirements all about? For instance, a $100 bonus with 5x wagering requirements essentially means that a player has to place bets worth $500 to qualify for a withdrawal. In essence, the perfect bonus should have the lowest wagering requirement.

Expiry Dates

It is common to find eSports bonuses with expiry dates. Going by eSports betting tips from seasoned players, a good bonus should have a long expiry date. A short expiry date can be particularly limiting, especially when pegged on a bonus with high wagering requirements. And since most bonuses offered by eSports sites come with unique wagering requirements, an extended shelflife is undoubtedly desirable in most instances such that your hobby does not turn into an undesirable chore.


When issuing a bonus, any eSports bookmaker’s goal is to offer a valuable reward to their players. As such, versatility or the bonus’ ability to be used on different games is critical in assessing the value of any incentive. For instance, a good eSports bonus can be used on multiple eSports events and markets. If a bonus happens to be restrictive, this can be a sure sign that the player needs to explore other options.

Payment methods

Most online bonuses are usually pegged on credible payment methods. Most top-tier casinos offer numerous payment methods. This way, players do not have to think twice before claiming a bonus. Best of all, the ease of claiming the bonus should also mirror the ease of claiming bonus wins.

How to get esports betting bonuses?

Looking at the variety of bonuses, some players often get confused about getting their hands on an eSports bonus. Claiming an eSports bonus does not have to be a chore, just like locating the best esports betting odds, considering that most eSports-betting sites have an easy-to-follow procedure when accessing your bonus. That said, here is a general step-by-step guide to claim any eSports bonus.

Choose an esports betting site

The first step to claiming an esports bonus is to sign up with a bookie. However, this does not mean choosing any other esports betting sites that you come across, but one that offers a long list of bonuses. While this might not be a qualification, it often forms the basis of receiving other bonuses. The right choice of a casino could mean getting a variety of bonuses over the entire course of your gaming with them. However, reading the terms and conditions attached to potential offers is key before choosing any betting site.

Sign-Up – Welcome Bonus

Most casinos welcome new players with a welcome bonus. The only qualification pegged on this bonus is that the player must be new. So signing up is necessary when targeting a welcome bonus. After a player how to bet on esports and opts to join signup with an eSports bookie, they are treated with a range of other bonuses, including match and cashback bonuses. Upon signing up, new esports players can also take advantage of promo codes, especially when activating the welcome bonus.

Make a Deposit – Match/Reload Bonus

While some casinos routinely offer players no deposit bonuses, most esports sites reward players who fund their accounts with real money. Most casinos offer bonuses in the form of a match or reload bonus, where the deposit is matched up to a certain amount. Ideally, it only takes a deposit to activate the match bonus.

Place Wagers – Loyalty/Cashback Bonus

Placing real money wagers can be another way of claiming a bonus. Like sportsbooks, esports betting sites also reward players who occasionally make real money bets. These bonuses come in various forms, key among them being loyalty and cashback bonuses. The former is usually awarded to regular bettors, while the latter is given back as a fraction of the lost bets.

The procedure or steps to take before claiming any bonus are informed by the nature of the bonus. For instance, getting a signup bonus is utterly different from claiming either the match or the cashback bonus. In most cases, claiming the bonus does not end when a player receives the bonus amount; esports players have to meet the respective wagering requirements. Sometimes, there will be od restrictions attached to the wagering requirements.

What are the best esports betting site bonuses?

Most online esports bookmakers today put on some generous bonuses. As a result, any esports getting ready to take advantage of these incentives should be ready to shop around and pick a bonus that suits their preferences.

Picking the best esports bonus is usually a matter of personal preferences. Some punters might go for large bonus amounts even though they have high wagering requirements. Others would love a small bonus with easy-to-meet playthrough requirements. It all goes down to choosing a bonus that offers the best value for money.

While esports bet tips inform most player’s choices, here is a list of some of the best eSports betting site bonus offers:

  • 1xBet bonuses: 1xBet offers a great variety of bonuses. There are lucky fridays, welcome and deposit bonuses up to 200% of the deposited amount, but you can find much more exciting bonuses at this provider.
  • Betsson bonus bets: esports players can claim up to $25 in bonus bets upon signing up and making a real money deposit of a similar amount.
  • Leovegas welcome bonus: welcome offer is unique, with players enjoying a 100% profit boost on their first two bets up to a maximum of $25.

Betting bonuses at esports sites

Esports players are treated with various bonuses, with each offering unique benefits. Here is a breakdown of the best eSports bonuses that most bookies offer.

Free Bets

Free bets, also known as no deposit bonuses, are incentivized bonus offers to esports bettors, both new and existing. As their name suggests, this bet type gives players a chance to win without putting real money on the line.

No Wagering Bonuses

No wagering or wager free bonuses are bonuses offered without playthrough requirements attached. This essentially means that there are no set limits, and players can scoop their winnings as soon as they please.

Loyalty Bonus

Esports betting sites employ loyalty bonuses as a way of rewarding devoted players. This bonus is often in a point system, where players earn points as soon as they start playing real money bets.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are awarded t players who go out of their way to get a friend of theirs to play. The best thing about referral bonuses is that both the active player and the referred get a bonus.

The list of eSports betting bonuses is a lot longer than this. Other notable mentions include match bonus, mobile bonus, and free skins.

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