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Discover the Hidden Outpost of Bukit Candi in Skull and Bones

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Bukit Candi is a hidden outpost in the East Indies, known for its treasures and convenient fast travel point. In this guide, we will show you how to locate this outpost and what you can expect to find there.

Discover the Hidden Outpost of Bukit Candi in Skull and Bones

Discovering Telok Penjarah

To access Bukit Candi, you first need to discover Telok Penjarah, the second main hub in Skull and Bones after Saint-Anne. Survive the treacherous seas and threatening ships to reach the East Indies, where Telok Penjarah is located.

Navigating to Bukit Candi

Once you have unlocked Telok Penjarah, set sail from there and head north along the west coast of the region. As you sail, keep an eye out for buoys that mark the entrance to a safety zone. Bukit Candi is located halfway along this route.

Exploring Bukit Candi

Although small in size, Bukit Candi offers some valuable resources. You can meet a Rempah Warrior who sells various goods, including the Mons Meg I Ship Weapon blueprint, cosmetics, and food. Additionally, there is a cache with items such as Repair Kits.


Finding the Bukit Candi outpost in Skull and Bones may require some effort, but the rewards are worth it. Visit this hidden gem to stock up on valuable supplies and experience a convenient fast travel point. Happy sailing!

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