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Maximize Pure Quartz Farming Efficiency in Palworld

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In Palworld, Pure Quartz is a valuable natural resource that can only be found in the frosty winter biome known as the Astral Mountain. This material is essential for crafting Circuits, which are used to build structures that run on electricity. If you want to maximize your farming efficiency and gather plenty of Pure Quartz, here are some key points to keep in mind:

Maximize Pure Quartz Farming Efficiency in Palworld

Crafting Circuits

To craft Circuits, you will need Pure Quartz and Polymer. Start by building a Power Generator and a Production Assembly Line, which unlocks at Technology Level 28. Once you have these structures in place, you can start crafting Polymer using High Quality Pal Oil. The Circuit recipe requires four Pure Quartz and two Polymer.

Finding Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz can only be found in the wintery biome of the Astral Mountain, located on the northwestern side of the map. It is important to have gear with cold resistance to survive in this region. Look for Pure Quartz deposits with their distinctive silver edges. Use a Pickaxe to farm Pure Quartz from these deposits. To increase your farming efficiency, consider crafting Refined Metal Pickaxes, as they are more durable. Additionally, invest some points into your Weight stat to increase your carrying capacity.

Passive Farming

Building bases near natural resource deposits is a great way to passively farm rare resources like Pure Quartz. Find a suitable spot near Pure Quartz deposits and construct a base. Assign Pals with Mining Work Suitability to farm the material from the natural deposits. Use a Pal with Transporting Work Suitability to collect the harvested Pure Quartz and store it in storage crates. Building multiple bases at strategic locations around the map will further enhance your passive farming capabilities.

Defeating Pals

There are three challenging Pals that drop Pure Quartz once defeated. They are Frostallion Noct, Astegon, and Jetragon. Be prepared for a tough battle if you want to obtain Pure Quartz from these Pals.

In conclusion, Pure Quartz is a valuable resource in Palworld that is used to craft Circuits. By following the tips mentioned above, you can effectively find and farm Pure Quartz to meet your crafting needs. Good luck!

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