August 11, 2022

Participants Announcement for DreamHack 2022

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According to Twin Galaxies and the Guinness Book of Records, DreamHack is the largest LAN party and computer festival globally. The event features the fastest and most internet traffic in the world. Enthusiasts can anticipate several significant upcoming events through online esports betting. These tournaments stream live on various platforms.

Participants Announcement for DreamHack 2022

DreamHack Melbourne 2022

The event is scheduled at Melbourne and Olympic Parks between 2nd and 4th September. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is returning to the main stage in Australia for three intense days of competition for the first time since IEM in 2019.

Participating Teams

As the competition draws near, the contestants will be made official. Typically, three teams are the winners of the closed qualifiers, while five teams receive direct invitations to the event.

The format consists of two double-elimination groups (GSL) and a group stage. Each group has four teams, and the opening and winning matches are Bo1. Matches for elimination and the final are Bo3. Each group's top two teams advance to the playoffs.

All games in the single-elimination bracket of the playoffs are Bo3. Eight teams competing in Global Offensive will compete offline for a USD 100,000 prize purse. The top prize winner will receive $50,000, and the runner-up will receive $20,000. Teams who place third and fourth will each get a $10,000 reward. The prize pools for the fifth and sixth-place teams are $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Other Games at the Event

On Sunday, September 4, DreamHack Melbourne will host the LCO Split 2 Grand Final. The contest will feature the top League of Legends teams in Oceania. Halo Infinite will also be played at DreamHack Melbourne. The HCS ANZ Regional event will happen throughout the weekend.

DreamHack Rotterdam 2022

The flagship event of RTM Games Week will be DreamHack Rotterdam, which will return to Rotterdam Ahoy between October 14 and 16. Several esports events, a sizable LAN, a streaming studio, entertainment stages, and a sizable gaming expo where attendees can check out the newest equipment and games will all be part of an esports and gaming festival that will take place this year.

Participating Teams

Eight teams will engage in offline counter-strike combat in the ESL Challenger Series. A Group Stage with two double-elimination groups (GSL) is a format feature. Each group consists of four teams, and the first and victorious matches are Bo1. The top two clubs from each group advance to the playoffs after the elimination and championship games, which are Bo3 affairs. Single-elimination brackets with Bo3 matches make up the playoff format.

Following the qualifying, participants will be confirmed. Notably, some teams receive direct invitations. The top prize winner will receive $50,000, and the runner-up will receive $20,000. Teams who place third and fourth will each earn a $10,000 reward. The prize pools for the fifth and sixth-place teams are $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.

How to Bet on DreamHack Tournaments

Although there are many DreamHack Esports bookmakers, choosing the best one for particular needs can be challenging. Players should check with an esports betting site to confirm the odds offered for the market they want to bet on. The majority of DreamHack esports betting sites provide excellent odds.

Common Bet Types at DreamHack Tournaments

  • Matchday betting: Pre-match wagering usually has good odds. This is the most popular way to wager in advance of the competition. Most esport betting sites post pre-match betting odds as soon as the closed qualifiers are over. The majority of unique wagers are only accessible during pre-match betting.

  • Outright wagering: In this wager, players will bet on the outcome of the entire tournament rather than just one specific game. Usually, these wagers are accessible before the start of the event.

  • Live betting: Experienced gamblers familiar with the sport and the odds structure frequently choose this wager. A thorough understanding of the teams and individual players through esport betting tips is necessary for live betting. Players need an understanding of how to profit from particular odds. Therefore, this market is not the best for beginners.

Strategies to Bet on DreamHack Tournaments

Outright Winner

In this simple wager, individuals will be betting on the team to win the DreamHack Open in November. The odds for this wager on the DreamHack betting sites vary slightly, though.

Set of Maps Played

The majority of DreamHack Open Qualifying matches are best-of-three affairs. Wagers on the total number of played maps with an Over and Under 2.5 Handicap are most prevalent. When the game goes to three matches, the Over wager wins. Similarly, when any team wins 2-0, the Under wager wins. Some bookmakers also provide Even/Odd betting alternatives in addition to the Over/Under options.

Final Result

Bettors can forecast the ultimate score in the best-of-three or best-of-five series rather than only selecting the winner. This wager can provide excellent value when a person has the good fortune to guess the outcome correctly.

The Total Number of Maps a Team Wins

DreamHack online betting sites offer the exact final score bet in various methods. Players must select how many maps they believe each team will win throughout the competition to place the bets. Bettors may pick a team to win zero, one, or two maps.

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