January 13, 2022

PSG.LGD to Watch in Dota 2 Betting

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PSG.LGD is poised to be the next best Dota 2 team in online eSports betting following their exploits at The International. Even though the scene has previously been dominated by the likes of Team Spirit, Team Secret, and OG, the China-based outfit will indeed be shaking things a little bit. As a result, it will also be topping the list of the best Dota 2 teams to bet on.

PSG.LGD to Watch in Dota 2 Betting

For starters, The International is the premier eSports world championship competition for Valve's multiplayer online battle arena video game, Dota 2. While there are several other tournaments and competitions, The International is the most prestigious tournament and attracts the best Dota 2 eSports teams worldwide. 

When deciding which is the best Dota 2 eSports team, The International plays a crucial role. As the most competitive tournament globally, it's usually a focal point on eSport betting sites.

PSG.LGD is a professional eSports team that specializes in Dota 2. The team was formed following a merger between the original outfit, LGD Gaming, and Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (PSG). Officially formed in 2018, the team quickly rose to fame by winning the Dota Pro Circuit in the 2017/18 season, earning an entry to The International 2018. At the time, PSG.LGD was new in Dota2 betting online, so many gamblers didn't focus on it much.

PSG.LGD Dominance at The International

Also known as TI8, The International 2018 was the first major event PSG.LGD participated in. Despite being a new entrant, PSG. LGD's performance was exceptional. The team edged out the Dota 2 powerhouse in the quarterfinals, winning 2:0 before proceeding to the semis where they met Team Liquid. 

While many bettors put their money on Team Liquid, PSG.LGD surprised many by beating the veterans 2:0. In the finals, however, PSG.LGD fell to OG in a fantastic bo5 duel that ended 3:2 in favor of OG.

At The International 2019 (TI9), PSG.LGD also shook the Dota 2 eSports scene with quite a performance. The team beat 2:0 in the quarters, and Vici Gaming also 2:0 in the semis. But while many punters staked on PSG.LGD in the finals, the Chinese eSports team lost again to OG by 1:2.

In 2020, The International was canceled but judging by PSG.LGD's form at the time, it was likely that they were still among the best contenders for the title. 

In 2021 The International, PSG.LGD lost to Team Spirit in one of the best Dota 2 bo5 finals where PSG.LGD lost for the third time in the tournament. In the 3:2 thriller, though, PSG.LGD nearly completed a comeback. It was a remarkable event in the Dota 2 live online betting scene where tables kept turning. Even the eSport betting tips at the time were highly inaccurate.

From all current indications, PSG.LGD will remain a force to reckon with in Dota 2 eSports, and consequently, in Dota 2 betting. Despite not winning the most prestigious title in Dota 2, it's on the right track. The current roster looks promising, so Dota 2 betting enthusiasts should have PSG.LGD in their list of the best teams to bet on, not only at The International but at all other events the team participates in.

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