May 12, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1

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Rainbow Six (R6) Siege Year 7 Seasons 1 just welcomed the Demon Veil. Before the official release on March 15, 2022, there were many reports in the market. While some leaks have come to fruition, many haven't. However, all these only served to paint the picture of what was to come.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1

The Demon Veil, which marked the first season of year 7, was recently launched. This saw Rainbow Six Siege fans welcome a new mode – Team Deathmatch, a new veil operator Azami, and a host of new updates. Upon its release, players were given a chance to try the recent updates for free, with the free play week from March 17 to March 24, 2022.

Azami, the New Rainbow Six Siege Operator

The most recent R6 Siege 'Demon Veil' update came with several new additions. Players and eSport betting enthusiasts have warmly welcomed these changes alike as they help enhance the overall experience of gaming. One of the main changes was the introduction of a new Operator called Kana 'Azami' Fujiwara, the second Japanese character to be ranked as an Operator in the game.

Azami’s Back Story

The character's backstory introduces her as a Motorcycle police officer whose outlets for self-expression were physical combat and fashion. According to the backstory, her passions came from her childhood when she used them to escape the rigid rules in her household. She worked hard and rose to the ranks of the Security Police, a department of experts who protect the VIPs in Japan. However, she had a violent nature and lashed out quite often that she had to leave the department. She ended up as a personal bodyguard in the private sector. Azami's signature look is based on the Japanese Security Police.

Azami’s Gadgets and Weapons

Azami's loadout does not feature a designated marksman rifle or assault rifle, unlike several previous Operators. Instead, she is armed with a 9x19VSN submachine gun and ACS12 shotgun as her primary weapons. The submachine gun has a rating of 750 RPM and 34 bullet damage. The shotgun holds 31-bullet magazines, which helps ensure she does not run out of bullets fast. Her default secondary weapon is a D50 handgun. She also has a barbed wire and an impact grenade as her only two gadgets.

The Kiba Barriers

Azami's overall loadout is rather not impressive for an Operator. However, her unique gadgets make quite a huge difference in the gameplay. Her unique paraphernalia, Kiba Barriers, is the first of the kind in the game. Unlike other shields that typically block attacks from the front, the Kiba Barriers can be used to deploy a material that expands and turns into a concrete-like bulletproof substance. The deployed material is a mixture of Solution K-13 and Compound L-7. The chemicals are housed in a Kunai, hidden in her wrist sheath.

The Kiba Barriers can cover holes in walls, ceilings, floors, and anywhere on the map. There is a material to hold the circular shield, protecting the player from any angle. According to the game designer Clement Dominic, the Kiba Barriers can be among the most essential and game-changing gadgets for defenders when used masterfully.

Azami’s Main Role

Azami can take over any defensive role. However, according to Clement, Azami should stay close to anchor players so that she can protect them. She should also be close to the objective to use her architectural skills to stop any breaches that attackers may try. Overall, each player's gaming strategies will determine how best to use the character. Online eSports betting enthusiasts will benefit from her added protection abilities whenever betting on the defensive side.

The New Emerald's Plain Map

After waiting for it for more than three years, R6 Siege players have been rewarded with a new and interesting map. There have been numerous map reworks since Fortress was released in December 2018, but nothing particularly new. Demon Veil takes players to a completely new location, the Emerald Plains of Ireland.

The map features fancy trimmings and opulent high ceilings inspired by luxury country clubs. Despite all the enthusiasm and anxiety of players to enjoy the new map, they will have to wait until midseason, as announced by the developers. The developers also claim that they will do no map rework in Operation Demon Veil because of the late release.

Game Modes and Gameplay changes

According to the developers, R6 Siege is looking to expand its playlist. That will see several new game modes introduced as the season progresses. Team Deathmatch has already been launched and included in the permanent playlist. It involves two teams, each of five players, competing in a race to get 75 kills.

The game mode does not include gadgets, meaning Azami's Kiba Barriers cannot be of use there. Players can only use basic weaponry and do not face Abandon penalties. The developers consider it a great warmup for the new map. It also increases the number of online betting markets offered by eSport betting sites. Punters are already looking for esport betting tips on capitalizing on this new release.

The numerous slight changes will undoubtedly enrich the overall gaming experience. There will also be several improvements to facial technology, which will be implemented in future characters. However, players can already experience a few improvements in action with Azami.

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