February 12, 2024

Seraphine's Resurgence: A Disruption in League of Legends' Meta

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Seraphine, the pink-haired champion, has once again emerged in the ADC position, causing a disruption in League of Legends' meta. With a win rate of around 54 percent across all Elos, Seraphine has proven to be a powerful force in the bot lane.

Seraphine's Resurgence: A Disruption in League of Legends' Meta

Changes in the Meta

Patch 14.2 brought nerfs to the double support strategy that had been dominating the game since the start of the 2024 season. This change shifted enchanters away from the ADC role and back into the support position. However, Seraphine, who exposed the unhealthy strategy, has the flexibility to adopt a more offensive-focused build that other enchanters cannot efficiently do.

Seraphine's Strengths

Seraphine's wave-clearing capabilities have been a key factor in her success as an ADC. Her damaging abilities can deal damage to multiple targets, and when combined with her passive, she can quickly clear minions blocking her path. This opens up various bot lane strategies, such as allowing her support to roam freely or diving enemies with the assistance of her jungler.

Potential Nerfs

If Seraphine's win rate remains high, she may be included in the list of nerfs for Patch 14.4. However, balancing her is challenging due to her ability to be played in three roles. More information about the changes in Patch 14.4, including the Lunar New Year event and new Porcelain skins, is expected to be revealed soon.


Seraphine's resurgence in the ADC position has caused a stir in League of Legends' meta. Her unique abilities and flexibility make her a formidable champion. Whether she will be nerfed or not, her impact on the game cannot be ignored.

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