February 20, 2022

The Outcome of the EGC Winter Championship

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When it comes to online esports betting, there are several games that have gained a high level of popularity. Many of them are first person shooters, such as Call of Duty. Team based battle arena titles are also heavily featured on esport betting sites. Age of Empires is therefore fairly unique within this thriving community.

The Outcome of the EGC Winter Championship

The AOE series puts players in the role of a civilization builder. The goal is to expand from a small group of hunter gatherers to a more advanced society. The key to victory is gathering resources to pay for new structures and tech. While the game progresses and villages grow to cities, these resources become more limited. As a result, strategy is an important skill for professional players to have.

The somewhat slow paced and cerebral nature of AOE makes it a surprising choice within the online betting community. Many of the other games found on Esport Ranker tend to focus more on fast action. However, AOE is more exciting than it may first appear. In a competitive setting, the player needs to make very deliberate and calculating moves.

EGC Winter Championship

January 21st 2022 saw the opening qualifying show for one of the biggest Age of Empires tournaments. The Winter Championship of Age of Empires IV had a prize pool of $20,000 and was sponsored by Microsoft. Players competed against each other in 1v1 matches.

The game in standard form requires the player to advance through four different ages in history. However, this tournament focused solely on the final age. Throughout the winter, there were three other series events. Qualifiers for the championship were determined by how many points they seeded throughout the season. The amount of prize money they won was also taken into account.

People looking for esport betting tips should be aware that the competition is very fierce. The championship always brings in multiple potential contenders. Players MarineLorD and The Viper were singled out as having particularly good odds. However, it was the Canadian player Hera that took the crown. MarineLorD from France came in second. Age of Empires betting can be difficult due to the sheer number of professionals battling it out. 32 qualified to take part in the final.

How Could Gamblers Have Determined The Winner?

It is important to research as many of the players taking part as possible. Doing so would have helped punters when predicting a winner for the EGC Winter Championship. Now that it is over, gamblers have a whole year to determine who will come out on top in 2023.

The key to AOE betting online is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each contender. If esports enthusiasts are serious about this form of gambling, then they could spend the next year getting to know all of the players.

The qualifying matches for the winter series are usually streamed live online. Savvy gamblers can watch these carefully and make detailed analysis. However, anything can happen in these types of tournaments. Age of Empires relies heavily on artificial intelligence designed to test the skills of players. Regular new updates and patches are often released. These can change the dynamic significantly. It is therefore important that online gamblers stay aware of any new developments.

What Makes A Good AOE Player?

Only the very best professionals were invited to take part in the EGC Winter Championship. These people displayed a number of similar traits. They knew how to capitalize on their civilization's strength. They only bought necessary upgrades. Generally speaking, in these tournaments, a player with a diverse army has the edge.

At the next championship, the matches may allow contenders to unlock relics. If so, it will mean the winner needs to be skilled at hunting for these items and spending the passive gold income on the right upgrades.

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to neglect the terrain. Even though AOE emphasizes structure building and army training, the map topography also plays a role. Those who utilize its advantages can potentially win matches against formidable opponents.

Micromanagement and prioritization are two of the most vital skills to have. Hera and MarineLorD, the two champions of the 2022 Winter Series, both knew which match elements demanded the most attention. Therefore, gamblers should favor players displaying such traits.

What Lies In Store For The EGC Winter Championship 2023?

Modern Age of Empires tournaments usually focus on the latest releases. The newest installment AOE IV only came out in October 2021. Therefore it seems likely that the next winter series will continue to include the maps of this game. Online betting fans can spend their time getting to know how AOE IV works. The more knowledge and insight they have, the better they will be at predicting a winner for 2023.

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