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Unveiling the Power of Extra Padding: A Guide to Armor Stats in Helldivers 2

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If you’re learning about armor stats in Helldivers 2, you may have come across the mysterious Extra Padding passive. In this article, we will explore what Extra Padding does and its significance in the game.

Unveiling the Power of Extra Padding: A Guide to Armor Stats in Helldivers 2

The Role of Passive Stats

In Helldivers 2, each body armor comes with passive stats that contribute to the overall combat capabilities of the player. These passive stats make different armor types unique in terms of both appearance and functionality. However, it is important to note that many of these passive stats are repetitive, with aesthetics being the primary distinguishing factor.

What is Extra Padding?

Extra Padding is one of the passive stats available in Helldivers 2. It is said to provide a higher armor rating to the player. This stat is included in the default body armor options, known as B-01 Tactical. However, the challenge lies in testing out the effectiveness of Extra Padding, as it requires completing missions and unlocking more armor options.

The Speculation

Some fans speculate that Extra Padding may be a joke from the developer, Arrowhead, to emphasize the disposable nature of the Helldivers. These soldiers can easily be replaced upon death, suggesting that the notion of having additional protection through Extra Padding may be misleading.

The Truth

Through extensive experimentation with different armor sets, it has been discovered that Extra Padding does provide a combat advantage against explosive damage. When compared to other armor options, the Extra Padding body armor demonstrated significantly less damage taken from grenades and landmines. However, it is important to note that direct contact with explosives, regardless of the armor, will still result in death.

Is Extra Padding Worth It?

Considering the results of the experiments, if you struggle with navigating landmines or evading Automaton grenades, the Extra Padding passive may be beneficial for you. However, it is worth noting that there are other armor options available in Helldivers 2 that may offer better overall protection.


In conclusion, Extra Padding in Helldivers 2 provides a higher armor rating and offers a combat advantage against explosive damage. While it may be a useful passive for certain situations, players should explore other armor options to find the best fit for their playstyle and combat needs.

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