Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with UnionPay

An increasing number of betting sites has inspired radical shifts in the gambling industry. In the recent past, it was quite difficult for Asian gamblers to participate in eSports betting due to the lack of convenient payment methods. Thankfully, universally accepted systems like UnionPay made bettors' dreams come true.

Today, China is the epicenter of the growing trend in eSports games. UnionPay is the primary credit and debit card provider and allows gambling transactions. Many bookmakers have collaborated with UnionPay, and we have picked a shortlist of sites that go an extra mile to provide extensive eSport options, low bonus requirements, top-notch security, and speedy withdrawals.

Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with UnionPay
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About UnionPay

UnionPay is a financial service corporation headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was established on March 26, 2002, to provide credit/debit cards in Asia. By 2015, UnionPay had already overtaken MasterCard and Visa in the value of transactions completed by customers. However, it is still the largest card network globally, with over 7 billion cards.

UnionPay's popularity

UnionPay is mostly used by China and serves a large community of shoppers in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and other 160+ countries. Thanks to its universal acceptance, the best UnionPay bookmakers are very popular domestically and internationally.

Merchants operating in more than 125 markets accept UnionPay settlements in-store, online, and in-app. Depending on the user's needs, the payment method offers additional services: UnionPay QuickPass, SecurePay, SecurePlus, and ExpressPay.

  • UnionPay QuickPass: A contactless system for processing payments through chip cards, smartphones, and smartwatches. It is now available in Australia, S.Korea, UAE, and Canada.

  • ExpressPay Customers enjoy fast transactions because they don't need to exit the merchant's site whether paying via mobile or desktop interfaces.

  • SecurePay: Enhances financial security by scanning QR codes at the e-banking gateway for mobile wallets.

  • SecurePlus: Allows the user to accept international payments through debit/credit cards that UnionPay partners with.

How to make a deposit with UnionPay

Betting on eSports at a UnionPay bookie is straightforward. Funding bets is as simple as using a typical credit card in an online shop. Before initiating the process, check for your card balance and the bookmaker's deposit limits. You need sufficient funds and comply with the set limit to succeed.

Follow these steps to load money into your betting account.

  1. Go to the bookmaker's payment page and click on the deposit button
  2. Select UnionPay
  3. Enter the card number, CVV, and expiry date
  4. Fill out the deposit amount
  5. Confirm payment

There are no delays when it comes to UnionPay deposits. The amount will be posted to your bookmaker account instantly. The transaction fee follows the same model as credit card payments. That is, UnionPay charges the online merchant (the bookmaker in this case) and not you as the customer. This charge comprises UnionPay commission (0.1%) and the bank’s percentage (0.7%).

Using UnionPay in online bookmakers

UnionPay cards are safe and reliable even if you are playing in a high-risk gambling market like Thailand or Kazakhstan. The payment method is perfect for recreational betting. When placing a deposit with a UnionPay credit card, you must pass a 2-factor authentication after filling out the CVV. You will need to enter a PIN code and an OTP code for a debit card.

How to make a withdrawal with UnionPay

Being the most prevalent card payment system, UnionPay certifies withdrawals from eSports betting sites. Payouts can have very low fees or no charges at all. However, this differs according to the terms and conditions of different bookies. Withdraw your winnings in these steps:

  1. Find the page where the bookmaker processes payouts
  2. Select UnionPay as the method you wish to receive the winnings
  3. Enter the amount to cash out
  4. Complete the necessary verification
  5. Wait for the eSports provider to approve your request

The amount limits for withdrawals are crucial. Do not forget to check the minimum and maximum amount of cash you can cash out. This may not be a problem for beginners but could mean a lot to high-rollers whose potential winnings are massive.

Some UnionPay bookies may impose limitations on withdrawals to other banking providers. So, if you decide to cash out with an alternative payment system, make sure you've read the fine print to the core.

Pros and Cons of UnionPay

UnionPay betting sites provide a smooth, secure, and intuitive player experience. Deposits and withdrawals use strong security practices and still turn out to be user-friendly.

The interactive platform of UnionPay has a global presence, more so because it charges negligible transaction fees. However, these bookmakers may not favor European players because UnionPay is mainly used in Asia. Since the network is expanding in Europe, things might change soon.


  • Cost-effective transactions - no charges at POS
  • Low deposit limits
  • Robust financial security


  • You must share your bank details when signing up for UnionPay. This means that authorities could trace these details

UnionPay account opening process

UnionPay member banks have the right to issue cards on behalf of the parent company. You must have attained the minimum legal age to apply for these cards. Depending on your country of residence, you might require the following credentials to open a UnionPay account:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Social Security Number
  • NID
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Phone number
  • Passport sized-photographs

How to set up an account

  • Choose the type of UnionPay card you want, e.g., debit card, prepaid credit card, commercial card, theme card, and premium card
  • Specify your preferred bank branch
  • Provide your full name, date of birth, mobile number, email, address, and other personal details
  • Tick the terms and condition box and submit your details
  • Receive a code via SMS to authorize the application

If your UnionPay account remains inactive for more than 12 months, you will be charged $4.95. You can incorporate a mobile app or use the offline contactless solution. The UnionPay app facilitates safe and convenient payments with a single swipe in over 48 territories. A QR code scan is also accepted at millions of stores in China and other 31 countries.

UnionPay customer support

On UnionPay's International website, you will find a list of contact options for different countries. These include:

  • P.O BOX number
  • Customer service hotline
  • Fax
  • Email

You will also find a list of physical addresses for UnionPay offices in China, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai, Japan, and Kazakhstan. Addresses for France, Russia, the USA, Mexico, Canada, Sydney, and South Africa have also been included.

If you cannot reach customer care via the company's telephone number, use the service hotline or send an email, and they will reply as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you could use the FAQ section at the help center for any query about card usage.

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