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There are few esport online tournaments bigger than the PUBG Global Championship. It welcomes the top ranking players of the free-to-play Battle Royale game. This title has achieved huge success on mobile. However, the tournament is played on PC only. This is mainly because the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) already offers a platform for mobile players. The PUBG Corporation organizes the PGC annually.

The venue can vary depending on the year. In 2021, it took place in Incheon, South Korea. Online esport betting sites tend to focus on events that offer a large prize pool for the top players. In the case of the PGC, it was a whopping $4,340,000. As a result, there were plenty of gambling markets for the tournament. Pro players from all over the world were invited to take part. The Chinese delegation participated through an LAN venue rather than on location in Incheon.

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Event format

Despite being one of the industry's biggest esport tournaments, PUBG's event has only recently established a consistent set of rules. In 2021, it was announced that teams will have their starting placement decided based on a points rule. During the first week, they are split into groups of eight before competing in a round robin style series of matches.

Once completed, the best sixteen groups have to take part in the next stage, called Weekly Survival. Each weekday, sixteen high octane matches take place. Every team that qualifies will enter the Weekly Final. However, in order to achieve this they need to attain a "chicken dinner" win.

During the Grand Survival stage, all of the top teams compete in a series of fifteen matches. This phase is likely to receive a lot of attention from fans of betting on esport tournaments. Finally, after a fairly complex circuit, the World Champion is crowned.

About PUBG

During the game, PUBG players have to parachute onto an island map. They may either compete solo or as part of a team of four. The length for a standard match is 30 minutes. During that time, the size of the map will reduce, forcing the player to confront enemies. The main aim is to fight to the death until one player or team is left.

A blue force field moves further inland and anyone caught outside of its perimeter will constantly lose health. When players first drop in, they will be unarmed. They need to search buildings for available weapons, upgrades and health items. Finding supplies is a key skill to success.

Small temporary red zones appear in which a barrage of bombs are dropped. Players need to avoid these areas due to the high level of danger. Occasionally, a plane will drop crates of special equipment. However, locations of crates tend to also attract enemy teams.

How matches are won

Since this is one of the major esport tournaments, the champion player will need to have a high skill level and strategy. There is a certain element of luck in this game. The locations of pick-up items are randomized. Good players will know which supplies to seek out. It will depend on their pre-planned tactics.

For example, some teams will look for a vehicle to move around the map safely and quickly. Other players will hoard health packs in order to survive as many enemy encounters as possible. It is wise to pick out a specific weapon beforehand. In esport championships, long-range weapons such as sniper rifles tend to be favored. They allow players to take out foes with accuracy from a distance. Regardless of specific tactics, all top ranking players must have fast reflexes. During 1v1 encounters, the quickest person is usually the winner.

PUBG Global Championship winning teams

By the end of the 2021 PUBG Global Championship, the winning esport team was NewHappy. The runners up were Heroic, Virtus.Pro and TSM. Team Liquid were given a special award for most impressive team. Three players were recognized for having the most kills. These were Jeemzz from Team Liquid, alongside Pag3 and TeaBone from Heroic. Whilst Gen.G Esports did not reach any of the top spots, they did receive an All-PGC award.

Out of the list of esports tournaments, there are few that give enough recognition to more than one team. The PGC understands that even those in fifth place are still remarkable competitors. Gamblers tend to place their bets based on who will end up with the largest portion of the prize pool. However, the PGC gives them the chance to make more specialist wagers.

During the one month competition, 32 teams made it to the final stage. On the surface, such a high number might make it difficult for gamblers to predict an outright winner. If so, they could instead make a more specific bet. For example, they might wager on who they think will have the highest kill count or travel the longest distance on the map.

Biggest PUBG tournament moments

There is no point in online esports betting on tournaments if the event is not fun to watch. The appeal of the PGC is that unexpected moments can happen in any match. During the latest competition, there were numerous highlights to choose from.

At one point, the South Korean player Salute was traveling in a jeep. They began to take fire from an enemy hiding on a hill. Despite going at a high speed, Salute managed to take out their foe in a matter of seconds.

Jeemzz from Norway was left out in the open with no cover in one match. They spotted a group of three huddled around a jeep. This situation would normally have a low survival rate. Each of the enemies could have easily sniped him. However, Jeemzz simply threw a series of grenades from a far distance. They landed with surprising accuracy and dispatched all three of them.

The Finnish player Pag3 was a standout competitor throughout much of the tournament. His most memorable moment was when he was chased down by two vehicles and took them head-on using an assault rifle and grenades. It showed that in this game, players can win if they simply stand their ground and move quickly.

Where and how to bet on PUBG Global Championship

Since PUBG is so well known within the esports community, there are plenty of bookmaker websites that offer wagers to take part in the action. A good site will contain markets featuring the biggest esports tournaments. This will include the PUBG Global Championship. It is important to do a bit of research to determine which bookie offers the strongest odds. Wagers do not have to be restricted to simply predicting a winning team. There are sites out there that give better options and more bespoke betting features.

When betting on the PUBG Global Championship, it is wise to take advantage of any welcome offers. Multi-bet multipliers are also desirable. This is due to the high number of matches that take place during the competition. Live betting platforms will work well for gambling on the PGC. There are numerous variables that can turn the tables in a team's favor. Therefore a more dynamic style of wagering might be most desirable.

At the start of the one month long competition, not all of the markets will open up. The attention of bookies to the PGC will be at its highest during the final stages. If punters struggle to find gambling sites that cater to the event, they can simply wait until the tournament reaches its apex.

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