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World of Tanks Grand Finals is one of the biggest eSport tournaments, primarily featuring the World of Tanks eSports players. The tournament takes place annually, organized by the game's developers, Wargaming. However, the tournament took a break from 2017 but is set to make a return. It typically features 12 top teams from the four Wargaming's regional eSport leagues, who battle for the champion title in front of thousands of live spectators and millions of online viewers.

The event is held in different venues. The organizers choose the venues based on sitting capacity, convenience, and legal considerations. The World of Tanks Grand Finals winners usually receives money prizes. The pool prize is shared between the top eight teams, meaning that only the bottom four teams leave without a share of the pool prize.

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About World of Tanks

The tournament's popularity extends to the gambling industry. E-sports punters always look forward to the event as it provides massive betting opportunities. Most eSports betting sites usually offer a long list of betting markets for the event, making it easier for bettors to find and place bets.

World of Tanks is a multiplayer game developed by a Belarusian company named Wargaming. The acclaimed eSport title was announced and released in April 2009 for alpha testing, with only six different vehicles at the time. And on 12th April 2011, the game was officially released in North America and Europe.

World of Tanks features combat vehicles that are from the 20th-century era. The game developer uses a freemium business model. That means the game is free to play for all users. However, players can opt to pay to access premium features for a more exciting and immersive gaming experience. The game can be played from a gaming PC or various gaming consoles, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The gameplay involves players taking control of self-propelled artillery vehicles or single armored tanks that they prefer. In addition, players are accorded to control vehicle movements and the firing of their weapons. They can also communicate with other players via voice or typed chats. For simple matches, players win by destroying all the opposing team's tanks or capturing their base. A team can capture an opponent's base by staying in it long enough without being damaged.

The main difference in the World of Tanks game mode is the rules of the battle. However, the game mechanics remain the same for all the game modes. The variety of game mechanics includes shell ricochets, camouflage, module damage, and personal damage.

World of Tanks players can choose from six main types of battles. The battles featured in most of these eSport online tournaments include tank-company battles, team-training battles, team battles, stronghold battles, random battles, and special battles. Players can also complete missions in the game, with varying rewards. Random battles may have up to 15 players per team. Teams can use bots to fill the slots for missing players.


Most of the vehicles used in World of Tanks are designed to resemble real-life models, with only a few parameters modified to fit the game's mechanics and improve gameplay. There are five different types of vehicles in the game: self-propelled artillery, tank destroyers, heavy tanks, medium tanks, and light tanks. Currently, the game has more than 600 armored vehicles from 11 countries.

Featured countries tend to have a tech tree with branches of vehicles that range from tier 1 to tier X. Players get access to higher tier vehicles as they progress in the game. Additional premium vehicles are available but not included in the tech trees, which can be accessed using in-game credits or cash.

Players can customize all the vehicles in World of Tanks visually and performance-wise to a certain degree. Most of the parts needed to customize the cars, such as turrets, guns, and engines, can be purchased from the game's tech tree. There are also two camouflage schemes for the tanks, including game-specific and historically accurate patterns for quick customization.

World of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming announced World of Tanks Blitz in May 2013. The mobile version of the World of Tanks is playable on smartphones and tablets that operate on Windows, iOS, and Android. The gameplay is like that of the main game, with minor differences. It allows a maximum of seven players per team, unlike the main game, which allows 15 players per team.

World of Tanks Grand Finals winning teams

Several different teams have won the World of Tanks Grand Finals championship. There has always been a new winner in each of these major eSport tournaments, indicating how competitive the tournament is. Below are some of the winning teams and other teams worth noting due to their great performances in the events.

Tornado Energy

The Tornado Energy team won the World of Tanks Grand Finals in 2017. It is a PUBG team that the Tornado Energy Drink Company sponsors. The team roster is quite impressive, consisting of several well-known players from Russia, Moldovia, and Georgia who feature in a list of esports tournaments. Tornado energy has earned more than $540,000 in only 19 eSport tournaments that they have participated in 77% of the earnings are specifically from playing the World of Tanks game.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere, popularly known as Na'Vi, is currently ranked as the best team in the World of Tanks game. The team has lived up to its name, which means 'born to win.' The organization is based in Ukraine and competes in several other eSports games apart from World of Tanks.

The team has won more than $18 million in prize money from the more than 500 tournaments it has participated in. More than $860,000 of the winnings is from the World of Tanks game. One of the team's main achievements was winning the 2016 World of Tanks Grand Finals.


KellRaisers is another top eSports team that has won several tournaments, including the 2015 World of Tanks Grand Finals. The team also qualified for the 2016 World of Tanks Grand Finals but did not clinch the win. However, it performed well enough to take the second position. The team has earned more than $1.8 million in prize money from only 150 tournaments. More than 25% of the winnings are from the World of Tanks game. is a popular eSports team worth mentioning regarding performance in the World of Tanks Grand Finals. The team has never won the event yet. However, it qualified to take part in the 2015 and 2016 championships, in which it displayed amazing performances. The team has more than $18 million to its name as prize money earned from more than 570 tournaments that it has played. More than $121,000 of the prize money is from World of Tanks Grand tournaments.

Other mentions include RoX, Elevate, Team Dignitas, and PENTA Sports.

Where to bet on World of Tanks Grand Finals

The easiest way to bet on the World of Tanks Grand Finals is through online eSport betting sites. There are hundreds of eSports betting sites that cover the event. However, punters must consider several factors before settling for any bookie. For example, punters should consider the odds offered. Choosing a site with relatively higher odds offers punters higher potential win amounts. Other considerations should include licensing, eligibility, bonus offers, and the number of betting markets offered for the event.

How to bet on World of Tanks Grand Finals

Punters must start by registering on an eSports betting site that offers World of Tanks Grand Finals betting markets. Different betting sites might have different registration processes and requirements. The next step is to deposit funds to the betting account. The funds will be used as wagers for the bets to be placed. Punters can also use bonuses on betting sites with no deposit bonus offers to bet without depositing or risking their money.

Finally, a player can choose their preferred bet type for any game scheduled for the tournament and follow the appropriate steps to place the bet. It is worth noting that some eSports betting providers have minimum and maximum requirements regarding bet amounts, which punters must consider.

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